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Boone Howard, Portland at its Indie Best

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Boone Howard, Portland at its Indie Best

Boone Howard, Portland at its Indie Best

The last band I wrote about on this blog, Cat Hoch, was a discovery ala Willamette Week’s listing of Portland’s Best Bands of 2016. Nothing particularly core there, although WW is a great mag and clearly onto some excellent tunes. Still checking that list I have really come to enjoy Boone Howard, the former frontman from The We Shared Milk, who is now out on his own. For anyone familiar with Boone’s prior band, his current carnation is simpler and darker. The overall take of Boone Howard, at least for me, is that of a mature indie rocker with plenty to share and say. Boone is fully in control of his stage persona and does indeed entertain.

Straightforward, yet dynamic in both sound level and delivery, there is a tinge of British pop (Oasis) mixed in with a truly unique, NW indie sound. Well, it’s just great. Check the YouTube video below of Boone’s song Satan to be convinced. Filmed during a live show at The Doug Fir, I wish I could have been there!

The on/off punchiness of this simple, indie song really grabs (IMO). Video Courtesy: BananaStandMedia.com


Boone Howard as the frontman for Boone Howard…a must see NW indie band. Image Courtesy: nextnorthwest.com


Catch Boone Howard next at Mississippi Studios on 2/7 where he’ll be releasing a new single. This is one show I don’t plan to miss! Here’s the official poster for this upcoming event:



The next upcoming show for Boone Howard is shown here…be there or, well, just check it out! Image Courtesy: mississippistudios.com

Header Image Courtesy: pbs.twimg.com