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Cat Hoch, A Great Portland Band

Cat Hoch, A Great Portland Band

Along with an exploding restaurant scene, Portland, Oregon has long been a place that produces great bands. At one point, I was even part of the “Portland band scene,” getting to witness and play with some great ensembles. Yet now I am happily married and the father of two great little kids. Thus, I just don’t make the scene quite like I used to. That said, my love for live and recorded music, especially those from good ol’ P-town, has anything but waned. Stumbling across Portland’s Cat Hoch brings more power to this last point. Like some kind of technicolor, pop-laced dream…the swirling psych travels of Cat Hoch made we want to dust off my G&L, attach my homemade pedal board and mix-up a blend of space-style effects. Of course, the awesome concoction that is Cat Hoch dramatically transcends what I can do. So, I AM going to find a “free night” to go check out this foursome. Kind of a “catch them before they’re too big,” kind of thing. More immediately I’ll relish in the recordings this rising band has made.


Just check the nice shades on Cat here…a true display of style that shows in her music even more. Image Courtesy: Mercy Mcnab Photography

I first became aware of Cat Hoch while reading through Willamette Week’s August 12 article anointing Portland’s top 10 new bands of 2016. Upon reading the online article, I came across the below featured track…and I was summarily floored. While the opening is cool and immediately hooky, when Kat’s voice enters the fray, wow, it’s like some kind of 60’s-inspired infusion that walks a balance between Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit and so many things more modern edge (Memoryhouse, Braids and more). It’s truly great. Check it yourself here:

Video Courtesy: Cat Hoch

See Cat Hoch’s website here to listen to music, find her show schedule and more!
Here is Cat Hoch’s Facebook page.
Header Image Courtesy: theblogthatcelebratesitself.blogspot