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Costello’s Travel Caffe – A Gem of a Place

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Costello’s Travel Caffe – A Gem of a Place

Costello’s Travel Caffe – A Gem of a Place

I was recently sifting through a bunch of reviews trying to find a good breakfast/lunch spot in Portland. Having been, seemingly, almost “everywhere,” and with several favorites like Mother’s Bistro pulling on my decision maker…I just felt I needed to go somewhere new. Well, let’s just say I didn’t have to travel far to get to Costello’s Travel Caffe (bad joke I know). That said, wow, I think I have a new favorite. I mean where else can you go that provides you with not only amazing food and service to match, but also a true sense of international culture? Complete with offerings from around the world (strong Parisian influences), large screens stream travel-related videos that make you feel like you just might be “there.” The interior matches to create a wonderful ambiance…and by the crowd there, I’m clearly not alone in my thinking. A real treasure, even with your eyes closed, as the food, coffee and donuts (yes donuts!) is that good.


While I didn’t take any pictures on my breakfast tour at Costello’s, this shot off of Yelp (which boasts excellent reviews for this place btw) captures the tastiness. OK, I’m headed back, maybe tomorrow? Image Courtesy: Yelp.com

While I have only eaten at Costello’s twice now (because once I was there for breakfast recently I realized I had consumed an incredible panini there about 8 months back), this spot deserves “frequent visit” status. I am seriously planning to try just about everything on the menu as I have not been even slightly disappointed yet. That’s saying a lot in a foodie town, where so much culinary invention is taking place. But really, if you haven’t been to this wonderful spot yet, get on it! There’s only this one location, so it’s anything but corporate.


This breakfast menu is to die for. And while I’ve only broken my fast here 1x so far…that number is going to grow, quickly! Image Courtesy: CostellosTravelCaffe.com



My goodness don’t overlook Costello’s lunch menu. Complete with gluten free and vegan offerings (such as what is shown above), well, YUM is all I can say. Image Courtesy: Yelp.com


Some Useful Links for Costello’s

Located close-in on NE Broadway, Costello’s Travel Caffe is ultra-convenient. And very unlike a 7-eleven (where you trade convenience all-too-often for quality), the food and drink here will leave you quite happy. Explore the links below to check out their menu, location and hours.
See Costello’s Full Breakfast and Lunch Menu Here
Hours: 8am-4pm Sat, Sun; 7am-5pm Mon-Fri; Breakfast served until noon on weekdays, 1 p.m. on Sat/Sun
Location here
Their Facebook Page
Full website here


From the menu to the decor, Costello’s makes you feel like you’ve “gone somewhere else” without actually flying. Nice! Image Courtesy: Yelp.com

Header Image Courtesy: Yelp.com