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Visual Illusions 7

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Visual Illusions 7

Visual Illusions 7

In our continuing series on Visual Illusions, here is installment #7 for your enjoyment. See how much fun you can have with your eyes! And thanks to the Huffington Post for these published GIFs, which are in turn from various sources.

Moving Leaves?

Despite what you might think, these brown leaves are not moving. The image is totally still…although it looks like waves are moving through. Image Courtesy: reddit.com


Walls of Color

Watch the black dot for the entire length of the time bar. When done, the color will disappear, leaving you with a black and white image. However, if you’re like me, the walls of the building will appear in color for a brief time after the image goes black and white. It’s like “eye memory!” Image Courtesy: gifbin.com


Spinning Dots

If you stare at the black “+” symbol the flashing pink dots will appear green when the flash on/off. If you look at the dots themselves, this illusion will not be seen. Strange, eh? Image Courtesy: Imgur


Color Swirl

Despite what your eyes are telling you, the apparently green and blue spirals are actually the exact same color. It’s just their neighboring colors that make them appear otherwise. Image Courtesy: Discover Magazine


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