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Visual Illusions 8 – Halloween Time!

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Visual Illusions 8 – Halloween Time!

Visual Illusions 8 – Halloween Time!

In our continued series on Visual Illusions, here is yet another installment…and this time, with a Halloween and magic theme! Enjoy and be safe out there!

Secrets of the Float

One of the more interesting visual illusions I’ve seen is when a magician appears to float above the ground with no wires, ropes, etc. How is this mind-bending illusion pulled off? This great video from Magic Secrets Revealed pulls back the curtain on this particular trick, allowing you to see what’s really going on.

Video Courtesy: Magic Secrets Revealed


Animals in the Wood

This creepy, woods scene has several hidden animals in it. I found 5. Can you find 5 or more? Well, if I was out hiking alone I wouldn’t want to see this, especially around Halloween! Image Courtesy: scene360.com


Circles, Circles

Believe it or not, these squares make up four perfectly round circles. There is no swirl, and the lines do not connect in any way. That said, it sure looks like they do (connect that is)! Image Courtesy: imgur.com


Halloween Card Tricks

In the final illusion today I’m featuring a series of card tricks by A Million Card Tricks. I love watching a good card trick and trying to spot the sleigh of hand. That said, I could not catch the sleight in the following video. The last trick is the most compelling by far. See if you can see what’s going on?

Video Courtesy: A Million Card Tricks


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