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Visual Illusions 9

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Visual Illusions 9

Visual Illusions 9

In our continued series on Visual Illusions, here is the latest installment. Enjoy!

Healing Grid

This visual illusion is worth the short time it takes to see it happen. Indeed, as you first gaze at this image you will see a grid that looks “normal” in the middle, but has “fractured” elements on the left and right. Well…if you stare at the middle “normal” portion for about 30 seconds…the fractured areas on the left and right begin to “heal” themselves into un-broken grid. Created by artist Ryota Kanai, I find this illusion pretty powerful. This phenomena is called “perceptual fading” or “filling in.”


Image Courtesy: Ryota Kanai


Floating Star

Many who stare at this next image experience the star, or its background, spinning clockwise. The star is, of course, static. Artist Joseph Hautman created this illusions. Hautman also uses the name “Kaia Nao” as a graphic designer. In this drawing, the dark blue puzzle pieces contain white and black borders that strongly contrast against a lighter background. Thus, as you explore the image, your eye movements provoke neurons that are motion sensitive. These stimulated neurons signal motion via the shifting lightness and darkness border/boundaries that indicate each object’s contour as it travels through space. Thanks Hautman!


Image Courtesy: Joseph Hautman


Ghost Gaze

It’s always strange, even creepy, when you talk with someone who won’t look you in the eye. Created by artist Rob Jenkins, this dual image shows an apparent shift in the gaze of these twin sisters. To experience the effect, step backwards, about 5 feet. From here, the two sisters look like they are staring at each other. However, when you get much closer, they appear to be staring directly at you! In-between, they don’t appear to be looking at you or each other, giving the initial, unsettling feeling. Pretty crazy. Thanks Rob!


Image Courtesy: Rob Jenkins

Header Image Courtesy: Johannes Zankes